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Our company works mainly in the residential and light commercial market with contractors and individual homeowners on the Kitsap Peninsula and surrounding areas. We are a TRANE Comfort Specialist dealer and we have a fully dispatched, 24-hour, service department.

Our Mission


Our Company Mission is to provide quality and comfort for our customers. Honesty and fairness are fundamental to the way we do business. The diversity and involvement of our people is the foundation of our strength. We are committed to using only the most reliable, highest quality equipment available while also maintaining our customer service skills and connections.


Advanced Heating and Cooling inc. has been a family owned company since 1972. Formerly known as Rayʻs HVAC, the company was passed down to Rayʻs grandson and has been in business at our current location since 1995.

Our Team

The Team
Some classic pictures of Rayʻs!
The original building of "Rayʻs"
John has been with our company for over 20 years!
Our booth at the annual Home Show!
Company Van
Fundraising 437lbs of food for the Kitsap Food Bank

Our team consist of 20 members who work both in office and out in the field. Five of our employees have been with our company for over 20 years.


Our employees love getting involved in the community and have helped the company with fundraisers and community events over the years, including during the recent pandemic.

One of our favorite events is our annual picnic where our employees and their families all get together for a potluck picnic with games and fun events.


How often should I have someone look at my equipment?

We reccomend having one of our technicians come to your home annually for tune-ups.

How can I increase the efficiency and life of my homeʻs heating and cooling equipment?

The most important thing you can do is clean and replace your filters frequently. Also, a system heats and cools more evenly when the blower is in the "on" position. The blower provides constant air movement throughout the home, and allows for better filtration. Finally, shades, drapes, shutters, or screens should be installed on windows that are exposed to extreme sunlight

How often should I replace my filters?

For optimum efficiency and filtration, we recommend that you replace your disposable filters at least once a month. If you have washable filters, they should be cleaned once a month.

How much does a new replacement system cost?

Due to the many different makes, models and customer needs, price is an issue that can only be solved by doing a thorough evaluation of your home and existing equipment. There is no charge for an in-house replacement proposal

How long should my system run in a cycle?

There is no exact answer for how long your system should run during each cycle. The average system is sized to remove the heat from your home as fast as it comes in, on a 85° day. Therefore, ideally, on a 85° day the system should be able to keep up with the incoming heat, but not gain on it and be able to turn off. The cooler it is below 85°, the more the system will cycle on and off. Same applies as it gets colder on average we design the systems to heat your home at 23°. As the temperature rises above 85° or falls below 23° you will likely start to see longer run times until the unit runs continually and the system will not reach the temperature on the thermostat. The Washington State Energy Code requires we size our system based on local design temperature such as the above to heat a home to 70° and cool to 78°.

During the heating season, my heat pump delivers warm air, but not hot air, and will operate for long periods of time. Is that normal?

Yes, this is normal. A heat pump generally produces air that is 80°, which is considered warm, and will heat the house evenly. However, 80° may feel cool to your hand, which is usually closer to 90°.

What maintenance should I do on my outdoor unit?

The most important maintenance you can do is to change your filters regularly. Ground mounted outdoor units need to be kept clear of debris, clutter; weeds or landscaping that can grow too close and reduce the airflow to the unit. Also, keep pets away from the unit because pet urine can cause expensive damage. Use caution with a weed trimmer around the unit to prevent damaging control wiring. Any additional maintenance should only be performed by qualified personnel.

During the heating season, my heat pump makes a "whooshing" sound and I feel cool air coming from the supply registers. Is that normal?

Yes. During the cold weather months, frost will accumulate on the outdoor coil. This will cause the heat pump to go into a defrost cycle for anywhere from 1-10 minutes, depending on the amount of ice on the coil. The system will return to the heating mode once the ice is gone.

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